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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Christian Counseling with a focus on the family origins of problems
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 CHRISTIAN CLINIC for COUNSELING,  (405) 942-8888 


 JUNE 2022 new building address

1300 E. 33rd STREET, B 1, EDMOND, OK 73013

Christian Clinic has transitioned

-37 yr old Clinic joined a 130 yr old church-



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Christian Clinic for Counseling was founded in Oklahoma City, OK in 1982.   As a clinic, we are currently in our fIfth decade of service.  Psychologist, Dr. J. Ronald Cruse, saw the need for a private Christian counseling service, unconnected to any church building or religious denomination, to deal with people's mental health problems. Believing that mature state-licensed Christian counselors are essential for dealing with significant mental health concerns, Dr. Cruse was also committed to the truth that God delivers practical help for people's life problems through His written Word, The Bible.  Scripture forms the ultimate foundation for wise counsel.  We value the Bible today even more than at our beginning.  We value the Bible enough to continue to study it, teach it, and use it in counseling.    While we value the Bible and its wise counsel, we also value professional knowledge.  Counselors add practical information and techniques and join with God in His work.  As a state-licensed counselor and Christian, I value professional knowledge to the extent that I earned bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees and take multiple continuing education couses each year in order to keep my professional knowledge current.  Non-Christian counselors cannot say, "We value the Bible."  Likewise, those Christian counselors who are not state-licensed counselors cannot make the strong statement, "We value professional knowledge," or they would gain enough education and professional knowledge to be examined for licensure.  "Let the buyer beware."  There are many professionally unqualified and biblically unqualified counselors who are marketing their services.  

Some people request that Christian emphases not be an explicit part of their counseling.  Each person's choices are honored.  We respect the individual's wishes while still offering our basic professional services. 

God has used highly- trained, mature state-licensed counselors as His servants through the ministry of Christian Clinic.  He has been pleased to send us literally thousands of people over our more than 40 year history.  Doctors, health insurance companies, ministers, churches, schools, and government agencies are among our referral sources.  Currently we are accepting new clients at our Edmond Office.    

TRANSITION  --  A  new NOT FOR PROFIT Corporation, CHRISTIAN CLINIC FOR COUNSELING OF EDMOND'S FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, INC., was formed October 1, 2018. Following IRS approval as a 501 (c) ( 3) organization in 2019, Dr. Cruse dissolved the for-profit Christian Clinic for Counseling, Inc.  Dr. Cruse became CEO of CHRISTIAN CLINIC FOR COUNSELING OF EDMOND'S FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, INC. November 1, 2019.  The new clinic began serving the needs of the church membership of 3,300 people and the greater community surrounding Edmond.  The office was located at the corner of 15th and Rankin from 2014 to 2022.  Now--in June 2022, we are transitioning into a beautiful new separate counseling building on the lovely greenbelt behind Edmond's First Baptist Church at 33rd and Bryant.  The CCC of EFBC's new address is:

1300 E. 33rd Street, B # 1, Edmond, OK 73013